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Chicken DivanBy AnitaWith only 10 minutes of prep needed, this classic chicken dish is the perfect weeknight meal. Chicken and broccoli smothered in a rich and deliciously creamy sauce. The bake is covered in strong mature cheddar and breadcrumbs. Once you taste this dish, it'll definitely be going on your list of go-to favourites.
Turkey & Chickpea ChilliBy Tracy KillinanA hearty turkey chili made with chickpeas and aubergine. The coriander, garlic, lemon and olive oil perfectly complement the warming spices of ras el hanout, regarded as Morocco’s “national spice blend” and one of the cuisine’s fundamental ingredients. For crunchy texture and added creaminess, we’re also topping the chili with pan-toasted pita croutons and tangy labneh (using delicious Philadelphia cheese).
Beef and Cheese ManicottiBy Michelle McKernanManicotti literally means "little sleeve" in Italian. The filling is generally ricotta cheese mixed with cooked chopped spinach, and possibly minced meat such as this recipe. The shells are subsequently topped with béchamel, marinara sauce usually made with pecorino romano cheese or parmigiano-reggiano cheese, tomato sauce or some combination of these.
Crunchy Chickpea TacosBy Tracy KillinanFor vegetarians, tacos were elusive - until now. These vegetarian chickpea tacos are a perfect way to enjoy the flavours of Mexico without indulging in meat. They are crispy, and potently spiced for a heavy-on-the flavour experience. A delicious spice blend is what coats the chickpeas which are roasted and served with avocado, yellow peppers and onion. This of course is not your regular taco; it's even better! Allergens: Wheat | Milk
Superfood Salad With Feta And BeetrootBy Caroline KThis vibrant rainbow salad is full of superfoods that will actively work to leave you feeling energised and healthy. It's hearty and delicious; the golden couscous is a familiar favourite which adds substance; the fresh ginger is warm and nourishing, the beetroot and carrots are colourful and pair beautifully together and the fresh parsley is aromatic and tangy. Tossed together with the ever-powerful cumin seeds, how can this dish not be an instant hit! Allergens: Milk | Wheat
Crispy Potato & Spinach Hash With Baked Eggs Topped With Emmental CheeseBy Tracy KillinanA twist on an old favourite, this meal is perfect for any night, espically if your craving comfort food! Made with spinach and scallions, this dish has eggs baked in the middle, with sharp emmental cheese melted on top. A dollop of chipotle spices the whole thing up! Allergens: Milk | Egg
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