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Chicken DivanBy AnitaWith only 10 minutes of prep needed, this classic chicken dish is the perfect weeknight meal. Chicken and broccoli smothered in a rich and deliciously creamy sauce. The bake is covered in strong mature cheddar and breadcrumbs. Once you taste this dish, it'll definitely be going on your list of go-to favourites.
Chipotle Chicken & RiceBy Caroline KDiced chicken tossed in flour then fried until crisp. Once cooked its tossed in a spicy sauce which consists of chipotle chilli paste, mayo and honey. Served with spinach and jasmine rice and topped with feta. This is one adventurous and super tasty meal. Allergens: Egg, Milk.
Chicken FlorentineBy AnitaImagine grabbing a forkful of that creamy-rich pasta... sinking your teeth into those tender, juicy chicken slices drenched in that heavenly sauce… this is the famous Chicken Florentine with spinach.
GENERAL TSO’S CHICKENBy Caroline KWhile the original dish of the 50’s shares some similarities to today’s version, the version we know today that is sold as a popular takeout dish is largely a Chinese-American invention. And a delicious one at that!
ALLERGENS: Soy, Wheat.